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Canon EOS 7D

Canon EOS 7D Specifications
Type Digital AF/AE SLR, with built-in flash
Recording Media Type I or II CF card
Image Sensor Size 22.3 x 14.9mm
Lens Mount Canon EF mount
Compatible Lenses Canon EF lenses, Canon EF-S lenses
Max Resolution 5184 x 3456 pixels
Effective Pixels 18 million
Dimensions (W x H x D) 148.2 x 110.7 x 73.5mm (5.8 x 4.4 x 2.9")
Weight (not incl. battery) 820g (28.9oz)
I was very impressed with the EOS 7D in my original review and it continued to deliver the goods in the field with its tough build and quick handling. It happily shrugged-off light drizzle during my travels through Alaska and was always ready to fire-off quick bursts when required. It may not be as rugged as the EOS 1D Mark IV, but this is as close as you'll get to truly professional handling for the money.
If the main reason you were considering the EOS 7D was for the great video capabilities of the camera and not for the photographic features, then I would definitely recommend that you to consider the Rebel T2i as an alternative. The extra $900 spent on the 7D will not give you any real noticeable benefit with regard to video quality, at least at the ISO settings you're likely to use (up to ISO 1600).
We've waited quite a while for the release of a digital EOS 3 and the new EOS 7D comes darn close here - it's a true professional grade DSLR based on an APS-C sensor. The build quality of the camera is superb thanks to a metal construction with additional seals against dust and humidity. The AF performance is great both in daylight as well as in dark light conditions and it's suppored by a correspondingly high processing speed with up to 8 fps.
With just about everything this photographer could want and more, the Canon 7D is an impressive digital SLR camera. Canon took a well-established camera design and added several key features that users overwhelmingly requested, raised the resolution and frame rate, and added HD video to create a very capable tool for more serious photographers.
The Canon EOS 7D is the current "state of the art" APS-C crop sensor DSLR. Within the Canon EOS lineup it represents a new level of camera positioned between the "prosumer" APS-C sensor equipped EOS 50D and the "professional" Full Frame sensor equipped EOS 5D MkII. In many ways it's more of a 5D MkII squeezed into an APS-C body than it is an upgrade of the 50D.
The Canon EOS 5D Mark II was first. The Canon EOS Rebel T1i was second. The Canon EOS 7D is now the third Canon DSLR to be given the HD video feature. While it is not a perfect-for-everyone video package, the Canon EOS 7D, with its huge-to-video-camera-standards sensor, delivers impressive video image quality.
The EOS 7D is an excellent addition to Canon's range of APS-C DSLRs that is, in terms of build quality, speed of operation, ergonomics and image quality, a cut above Canon's previous APS-C flagship, the EOS 50D. In some respects the 7D is even a better camera than the EOS 5D Mark II and a viable alternative for all those who do not want or need a camera with a full-frame sensor.
Canon’s EOS 7D is a tough and very quick semi-pro DSLR that’s an absolute joy to use. It may look similar to the earlier EOS 50D from the front, but inside features a huge array of enhancements across the board, many of which surpass even the EOS 5D Mark II.
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