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Canon EOS 450D Digital Rebel XSi

Canon EOS 450D Digital Rebel XSi Specifications
Type Digital AF/AE SLR, with built-in flash
Recording Media SD or SDHC card
Image Sensor Size 22.2 x 14.8mm
Lens Mount Canon EF mount
Compatible Lenses Canon EF lenses, Canon EF-S lenses
Max Resolution 4272 x 2848 pixels
Effective Pixels 12.2 million
Dimensions (W x H x D) 129 x 98 x 62mm (5.1 x 3.9 x 2.4")
Weight (incl. battery) 524g (18.5oz)
The Digital Rebel XSi viewfinder is slightly larger than that of the XTi, but slightly smaller than that of the EOS 40D/50D. The difference from the XTi is fairly small and you might not even notice it unless you compared the cameras side by side. The XSi viewfinder also seems slightly brighter than that of the XTi, but again the difference is small.
The Canon EOS 450D is an excellent all-round DSLR and much more than a toy as suggested by some Canon ads. It is great DSLR for beginner but also for enthusiasts who are looking for a light-weight DSLR at a very fair price level.
The Canon Rebel XSi is indeed a worthy successor to the Rebel throne. A camera with the Rebel name has never carried such sophistication, nor so rich a feature-set. It has all that makes the Rebel XTi great, but with more resolution, live view, a faster frame rate, a new look, and an image-stabilized lens.
The Canon EOS Rebel XSi is a very good entry-level digital SLR. It offers very good photo quality (with the appropriate tweaks), lighting fast performance, live view, and a large LCD display. The camera has its share of flaws, though, including soft JPEGs at default settings, redeye, sluggish contrast detect autofocus, and a rather high price.
Sporting one of the cleanest ISO 1600 settings I've seen in awhile, the latest Rebel has raised the bar. The look beyond ISO 400 is what we've come to associate with Canon's CMOS sensors: slightly grainy, but finely textured and generally more film-like that the blotchy chroma noise seen from many competitive cameras and sensors.
The EOS 450D feels like a mature product, it is capable of superb results (even if it's actually now good enough to reveal the limitations of the cheaper EF-S lenses) and it has a feature set that offers an excellent balance between beginner-friendly ease of use and the manual control / customization demanded by those wanting something a little more serious.
In terms of image quality, Canon has struck a sensible balance between marketing demands of increasing the resolution, while attempting to maintain noise levels. As our results pages show, there may not be much difference in the real-life detail recorded by 10 and 12 Megapixel DSLRs, but at least the noise levels remain pretty much matched to the earlier 400D / XTi.
The viewfinder is quite bright and larger than that of any previous Digital Rebel. I remember the viewfinder of the 300D and it was like looking through a tunnel! When I picked up the XSi and looked through the viewfinder it wasn't obvious that it was smaller than that of the 40D, though on comparing the two side by side it is. It's just slightly smaller than the viewfinder of the Canon EOS 20D.
Even compared to the not-very-old Canon Rebel XTi / 400D, the Canon EOS Rebel XSi / 450D delivers better image quality from a more attractive body with more features ... I'm very pleased (actually somewhat surprised) with the improvements delivered by the Canon EOS Rebel XSi / 450D. It will be a worthwhile upgrade for many XTi / 400D owners - it is a lot of camera for the money for anyone purchasing it.
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