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Tamron 10-24mm F/3.5-4.5 Di II

Tamron 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 Di II Specifications
Frame Coverage APS-C
Lens Construction (groups) 9
Lens Construction (elements) 12
No. of Diaphragm Blades 7
Minimum Aperture 22-29
Closest Focusing Distance 0.24m (9.4")
Maximum Magnifcation .2x
Filter Diameter 77mm
Maximum Diameter x Length 80mm x 101mm (3.1" x 3.9")
Weight 406g (14.3oz)
There's no denying that with a focal range of 10-24mm, the Tamron lens is the current champ of ultra-wide range (the Canon 10-22mm comes in second). Its optical performance is very good: nice and sharp at 10mm, except in the extreme corners and good tolerance to CA (again, except in the corners).
Overall, this is a wide angle zoom which will give good results when used with a little care (i.e. not shot wide open), and which has much to like about it in terms of operation and results. With the broad zoom range and reasonable price, it's worthy of a place on the shortlist for anyone looking to buy an ultrawide DX zoom.
Compared to the Canon EF 10-22mm, the Tamron 10-24mm is shorter when at the wide end and almost the same length when zoomed. The only thing I don’t like with it is that the Tamron 10-24mm Di extends the lens barrel when you zoom. This could sometimes suck dust and dirt into the lens and personally I don’t like moving parts.
The Tamron 10-24mm is nice enough, except that it's not very sharp unless stopped down. There are better lenses out there for the same price. Used wide-open in dim light, the results are soft enough to be noticeable in normal-sized (8x10" or 20x25cm) prints.
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